About Pretty & Wed

Hello!  Our first Pretty and Wed post!  Trying to figure out the best place to start……so I guess we’ll just dig in.

Around here, what gets our attention when going through frames from a wedding is how pretty it is, as in, “oooooh that’s sooooo pretty! We wish to wed like THAT!” We get pretty excited when we see gorgeous wedding gowns, handsome suits, elaborate reception set ups and stunning florals everywhere!   And you know what?  This pretty can be anywhere!  Can cost little or cost a lot!  And, of course, is inclusive of all!   Pretty is a universal language and we’re here to translate for you! 🙂

In the future, we will be bringing you gorgeousness from all corners of the earth, in different styles (who says we all like dark and moody or light and airy)?   We have some simple weddings and some over the top events, just waiting to be revealed to the world.   We can’t wait to share all this pretty with you!

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